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Our Services

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What We Do

GMW Management is a full-service association management and corporate event planning company. Overseeing all details necessary for you to reach your business goals, from limited services to full fledged management, we have the tools and experience to help your association grow.

Corporate Event Planning

From venue selection, promotion, registration, and on-site support, you can rest assured your event will run seamlessly.

Marketing Support

Increase and maintain audience engagement with customized marketing strategies through digital communications and print collateral.

Sponsorship Management

Tailored recruitment efforts developed to drive revenue and support events for your association so you can realize your full potential.

Financial Services

Improve the management of accounting records, including budgets, monthly reports, invoices, tax filings, balance sheets and more.

Membership Management

Increase your membership numbers and encourage member renewals while providing better support for your current client base.

Administrative Services

Set up the essentials for your association to thrive, from office supplies to lead management, let us handle the day to day.

How We Work

  • Corporate Event Planning

    From venue, promotion, registration, and on-site support, you can rest assured your event will be a success with the GMW team on your side! We handle all aspects of your event – big and small – so you can focus on the things that matter most to your business. Our team can setup all audio visual, print materials, advertisements, badges, accounting and more! Spend more time with your attendees and leave the rest to GMW Management.

  • Sponsorship Management

    Developing and implementing a successful sponsorship strategy is critical to the financial success of your association. The GMW professionals will work with you to develop tailored recruitment efforts that drive revenue for your association, increasing financial stability while allowing for association growth. We work directly with board members and designated chairpersons to develop campaigns including but not limited to corporate sponsorships and memberships.

  • Membership Management

    Improve the way your association tracks membership numbers, newsletter subscriptions, invitations to events and workshops, discounts, and more! Our team specializes in creating customized content development and marketing promotions to help your association gain new memberships and encourage more renewals! We also work to support your current members by maintaining their loyalty through membership drives and personalized letters encouraging renewals while also providing hands-on support.

  • Marketing Support

    We use creative messaging, design and advertising tactics to help you create or revamp your brand. From social media, to email marketing, website development and other integrated marketing services our team of communication experts works to increase the visibility of your association and connection with its audiences. We create cohesive communications to deliver a consistent message that captivates and resonates with your audience.

  • Financial Services

    Let us help you prepare your annual budget for board adoption, by providing thorough monthly financial reports that monitor both income and expenses. Our team maintains all appropriate accounting records, including general ledger data, invoices and tax returns/filings information. We also specialize in supplying any and all financial records when the need arises for and internal or outside audit, helping your association stay organized and compliant.

  • Administrative Services

    Our dynamic team serves as the indispensable right-hand to your association, assisting you with a wide variety of duties ranging from scheduling and travel organization, presentation creation, office supply request and database management. Utilizing excellent multitasking skills, we handle multiple tasks at a time, adapting quickly to different situations, and provide outstanding customer service to you clients, vendors, and members.

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